Full EP Premiere: Bone Tower – ‘We All Will Die One Day’

The unprecedented events of 2020 into 2021 will surely echo in our culture for many years to come, but in the world of grindcore immediacy and impact tend to go hand in hand. Enter Bone Tower, a brand new grind power trio hailing from the eastern seaboard of Canada who found a creative way to channel all the pain and chaos of the past year and a half, namely blast beats and some of the tightest programmed drums this side of Frozen Corpse Stuffed with Dope. Oh, and don’t forget some seriously haunting instrumental passages.

The band has been gracious enough to premiere their debut EP We All Will Die One Day on this hallowed website. The album is a hellacious roller-coaster combining some of the most vicious and creative elements of Full of Hell with some of the cybergrind precision off bands like Monnier and Fucked. For my money, thee transition from penultimate track “The Sun” into the album closer/title track is one of the most haunting and acerbic passages of music I’ve heard all year.

The album will be available on November 5 on No Funeral Records.