Video Premiere: The Misery Men ‘Devil’s Balls: Tricker Treat with Matt Pike’

The Misery Men

There’s heavy rock. And there’s HEAVIER rock. Portland, Oregon’s The Misery Men — featuring Corey G. Lewis (vox/guitars), Rob Wrong (guitars), Ian Caton (drums), and the ever-infamous Billy Anderson (bass) — drive the wedge between pre-fab, sad-Sab worship rock and real-deal, no-computers HEAVIER rock. The group’s third album, Devillusion (Desert), is a gas-guzzling, evil-powered 1970 Chrysler Hemi engine built off the backs of the greatest and gnarliest riff-masters from ages bygone and current. Mastered by Tad (yes, he Thomas A. Doyle of Tad fame) for maximum effect, Devillusion unfurls gloomed-out rock in slabs big and BIGGER, massive and MASSIVER. Fans of High On Fire, Green River, Sleep, and Electric Wizard take note. The Misery Men have — well, they’re on their third album — have arrived, bubbling up from the earth soiled.

The group have already premiered videos for “To Bring You My Love,” “Cat With Nine Lives,” “Werewolf,” and “Devil’s Balls,” the latter two dovetail morbidly into the “extra” video we’re premiering today. Featuring the illustrious Matt Pike from High On Fire/Sleep fame, the “extras” video, dubbed “Devil’s Balls: Tricker Treat with Matt Pike,” is a spoof on C-grade witching-hour horror movies, themed wickedly with a werewolf and Pike’s gruesome handling of said good-natured werewolf. The background music is the song “Devil’s Balls,” a riff on Tad’s own heavy-hitter “God’s Balls.”

Says Corey G Lewis: “The exciting conclusion of the Werewolf after surviving the graveyard monster mash, almost fooled by the little Devil, and finally neutered by the Master of Riffs at the all you can eat Riff Buffet! ‘President of Doom’/’The Electric Messiah’, Mr. Matt Pike takes the final snip like Black Flag’s ‘Everything Went Black’! The Devil gets the last laugh, and the horny werewolf is neutralized.”

Get snipped by Matt Pike to The Misery Men’s “Devil’s Balls: Tricker Treat with Matt Pike”!

** The Misery Men’s new album, Devillusion, is out now via New Mexico-based indie Desert Records. Order Devillusion and join the ritual heavy today (HERE)! Or, through Bandcamp (HERE).