Track Premiere: Brick By Brick – “Just Look Around” (Sick of it All Cover)

Damn, Brick by Brick is coming out hard for the band’s upcoming LP, Dismal Existence, which drops in February via Upstate Records!

Not only has the band announced living legend Chuck Billy of Testament will appear on the album, but also today releases a cover of the classic Sick of it All track “Just Look Around” — dubbed “crushing” by none other than Lou Koeller himself!

And you know what, we fucking agree with Lou!

“What better song to re-release thirty years later,” Brick by Brick guitarist and founding member Mike Valente tells Decibel. “The same message applies. People need to open up their eyes and ears and realize what is being done to them by social media, politicians, and the “elite”. We are nothing more than a number to them. We are pitted against each other constantly for profit.”

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