Track Premiere: Domkraft – “Night Prowler”

It’s hard to make much of an argument that AC/DC is/was a metal band, per se, but there’s absolutely no denying the influence the Aussie quintet has had on metaldom at large. Any distortion-loving musicians who came of age in the ’70s or ’80s would definitely have felt the impact of and been inspired by albums like Powerage, Highway to Hell, Back in Black and other classic releases. Guitarist Angus Young’s Gibson SG overdriven through Marshall stacks was a riff-generator of epic proportions. So no surprise that the band has been celebrated by any number of tribute albums over the years.

This latest from Magnetic Eye RecordsBest of AC/DC [Redux], however, puts an unexpected spin on things by enlisting a lineup of 13 doom bands—from vets to up-and-comers—to pay their respects. AC/DC’s frequently blues-influenced boogie doesn’t necessarily seem like an obvious pairing for despairing doom, but Sweden’s Domkraft definitely make it work with their sludgy interpretation of the ultra-creepy “Night Prowler” from Highway to Hell.

“We tried to keep it true to the original, while still doing it our way,” says Domkraft vocalist/bassist Martin Wegeland. “If the original version is sneaking in its pace, then ours is crawling. [It’s] slightly more dragging, messed up and psychotic. We basically decided to learn to play the song as close to the original as possible, then unlearn and give it our own treatment. I think our version makes total sense in a Domkraft context and I am stoked with how it tuned out. Fun fact: if you listen closely to the choirs, you might be able to recognize a familiar voice in the back. That’s Tomas from At the Gates, who dropped into the studio while recording.”

The album will be released December 3, but in the meantime you can preorder it here, and enjoy this sneak peek of Domkraft’s contribution.