Album Premiere: Lutharo – ‘Hiraeth’

Lutharo Band Photo

After releasing three EPs since 2015, Canadian metal band Lutharo dropped the umlaut from their name. Removing the world’s most recognizably metallic linguistic mark may seem like a small modification. But it reflects confidence, and there’s no shortage of that on Lutharo’s epic debut LP. Hiraeth is a breathless composite of melodeath, polished thrash, and power metal with epic choruses. The band has conspired with Decibel Magazine to exclusively stream Hiraeth before the album’s October 15th release.

Lutharo has played with notable bands like Decibel cover-alumni Nervosa, Unleash the Archers, and Exmortus. Those headliners offer a glimpse into Hiraeth‘s sonic identity. Album opener “Introspection” opens a portal to a realm of burning planets. The twin guitars from Victor Bucur and John Raposo are as adept at sharpening melodeath riffage as they are with grandiose, harmonized leads. They demonstrate that by blending Gothenburg with Judas Priest glam on “Worship Your Path” and more. Meanwhile, founding vocalist Krista Shipperbottom links the disparate influences with her shapeshifting voice. Whether she’s conjuring deathrash rasps (“To Kill or to Crave”) or belting out memorable anthems (“In Silence We Reign”) her voice is powerful. The time it took the band to prepare for this album has paid off. Each song is carefully crafted and formed by standout performances, down to seven minute closer “Lost in a Soul.”

“It feels like the wait for this release has been centuries for us,” shares the band, “but it is well worth it! We couldn’t be more excited to finally be putting our first full-length album out into the world!”

Luckily, you don’t have to wait centuries for Lutharo’s Hiraeth. Just press play below and enter the valley of the cursed.

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