Demo Premiere: Concrete Icon – Rebirth

For over a dozen years now, Turku, Finland-based quartet Concrete Icon have been crushing Scandinavian skulls. With two full-lengths behind them, not to mention several demos, a split and a compilation, it’s truly a wonder that the death metal stylings of Concrete Icon aren’t more widely known across the global metal scene. But something tells me that’s about to change . . . 

Now, with the return of o.g. lead guitarist Juho (who left the band following their 2008 demo, Flood of Darkened Thoughts), Concrete Icon have left their slower, doomier songs behind and have dialed in to a more powerful sound than ever. Locked-tight and built exclusively for destruction, Concrete Icon’s two-song demo Rebirth comes out this Friday, the first of October, from US-based tyrannical tycoon Redefining Darkness Records. According to the band and their label, Rebirth demonstrates the future of Concrete Icon and the band’s third full-length is completely written and will soon be recorded. 

In the meantime, acquaint yourself with some brutalist beauty from the newly rejuvenated Concrete Icon.


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