Full EP Stream: Rude – “Outer Reaches”

Next stop: the Outer Reaches of space. Your pilot? Bay Area death metal crew Rude, blasting off with their first new recorded music since 2017. Continuing in the same vein as before, Outer Reaches is shamelessly old-school, recalling early Death and Autopsy, plus newer OSDM revivalists like Skeletal Remains. Rude have, in some form, been playing old-school death metal before its 2010s surge in popularity and it shows. On Outer Reaches, the band capture the nuances and spirit of primitive, thrashy death metal.

To further immerse the listener in Outer Reaches, bassist Jason Gluck designed a playable retro space simulator that gives the listener the opportunity to pilot a spacecraft while listening to the EP. The simulator contains multiple flyable spacecraft and no shortage of objects to dodge. It’s not playable through the Decibel site, but can be accessed in-browser via GitHub.

Outer Reaches is out September 24 via Headsplit (US) and Dawnbreed (Europe) but you can stream it in advance via Decibel.