Album Premiere: Tumba de Carne – ‘Decatexis // Perpetuo Altar’

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Back in 2018, Argentinian death newcomers Tumba de Carne opened the year with their abrasive debut EP, Comunión. The four tracks hinted at a band that weaponizes noise with grindcore ferocity and Gorgutsian discord. Three years later, their full-length album Decatexis // Perpetuo Altar emerges from the tomb. The five songs dive into the Obscura grave with its collection of diseased death metal compositions. But Tumba de Carne take an axe to the genre’s closed doors and opens gateways to other soundscapes. The album releases September 24th on Lavadome Productions. However, Decibel Magazine has an exclusive stream of this brain-bender a few days early.

“Errar” and “Harida” launch the album with twisted tunes that invite elements of shoegaze and bleak doom. While the band clearly favors metal of death, there’s still a wealth of additional influences. “Odian” submerges the guitars in black sludge and then emerges as one of the album’s most distinct tracks. The pulsing assault of “Ulcera” would conveniently entice fans of Ulcerate. Then there’s eight-plus minute finale “Ciego.” Listening to that track is like an audio version of The Ludovico Technique from A Clockwork Orange. Tumba de Carne pry ears open to consume a stream of ruthless atonal riffs. It’s a swirling conclusion of dark psych and nightmarish death metal.

The recording by the band is raw, but in a way that knowingly shuns polish. The tunes are not meant to soothe. Each note from guitarists Ivo Bisceglia and Lucas Villalba feels toxic yet intoxicating. The dizzying percussion from Mateo Cassullo shapes the record with the help of Andrea P. from Ad Nauseam, who mastered the record. This album is not winning any beauty pageants; the record’s sound is ugly and uncompromising by design. But it’s highly recommended for fans that yearn for more Colored Sands in avant-garde death metal.

Stream Tumba de Carne’s Decatexis // Perpetuo Altar below.

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