Full Album Stream: Wraith – “Undo the Chains”

Hello, yes, I’m told you ordered some thrash with a side of extra riffs?

Decibel is happy to present an exclusive stream of the new serving of heavy from Indiana’s Wraith. For fans of Midnight and Toxic Holocaust, Wraith will deliver the goods and throw in some additional hints of Venom, Kill em’ All-era Metallica and The Force-era Onslaught.

According to the band:

“When we began writing Undo the Chains, we planned to release it in 2020, but the pandemic came along and took a shit on the world. So we had a lot of time bouncing riffs, song structure and lyrical themes around. As a result, I believe Undo the Chains feels more diverse than our past releases. There’s the classic Wraith fast thrash-y songs, but there are a couple songs on the record I think will surprise people. In Wraith, our main goal is to make music we want to listen to and I’d be lying if I told you we haven’t been headbanging in the garage listening to this record every week for the past nine months … and we hope the fans do the same.”

Headbang away below, and look out of the album’s release on Friday via Redefining Darkness Records.