Track Premiere: SexMag “Zapomniany Czarci Kult”


Poland’s SexMag, featuring members of Black Hosts and Brüdny Skürwiel, are the latest European entry into the evil, nasty world of thrashing death. To be specific, only the most profane eras of Bathory, Destruction, Sodom, and Sarcófago are explored and resurrected by the Polish quartet. The track Decibel is premiering today, “Zapomniany Czarci Kult,” roughly translates to “Forgotten Devil’s Cult,” tying SexMag directly to their forebears. That it sounds like it was ripped bloody, screaming and profane from a cellar in 1985 only seals the motherfuckin’ deal. “Zapomniany Czarci Kult” is spikes to the face, a leather belt to the ass, and a roar to the ears. Total sensory overload, gritty and real!

Say SexMag: “Sex Metal is our debut material. If you have a twisted mind, and are looking for the howling of the wolves, miasma straight from the cemetery, chanting at the moon and sex with Satan in music, [then] Sex Metal is the EP for you! Don’t expect any innovative, pseudo-philosophical hipster shit. You won’t find any joy and happiness either. This stuff is filled with venom and hatred towards anything that lives and represents the modern world. With our sound, we tried to create a portal to the “ancient metal cult” and times of Bathory, Destruction, Sodom, and Sarcófago. Come through the portal and join us if you’re not afraid…”

Join SexMag on their journey through portals past but not forgotten. The old ways are alive and thriving!

** SexMag’s debut EP, Sex Metal, is available from Germany-based indie Dying Victims Productions on October 22nd. Pre-orders for CD and LP are available now (HERE). Buy or die a hapless poseur.