Track Premiere: Feed the Corpses to the Pigs – “Jesus Is My Respirator”

Perhaps you’ve heard about this COVID-19 coronavirus that’s been going around. Perhaps you’re even aware that if you contract said virus, particularly if you haven’t been vaccinated against it, you might wind up on a ventilator, no longer able to breathe on your own. Unless, of course, you’ve been praying to the right god. Then you should be good to go!

Albuquerque’s Feed the Corpses to the Pigs don’t suffer fools gladly, and the fools who have helped prolong this pandemic through their selfishness and stupidity are in the crosshairs on “Jesus Is My Respirator,” the second single from their upcoming debut This Insidious Horror. In just under two and a half minutes, the band summons an unholy combination of thrash, grind, and brutal death metal to excoriate people who feel their religion takes precedence over public health. “I’m sick, you’re sick, we’re sick/Give no fucks/Jesus is my respirator,” Shawn Fink belts during the chorus, voice thick with bile. Read what Fink (aka “Death Pig”) had to say about the inspiration behind the song, listen to it below exclusively via Decibel, and, if you’re indoors, wear a fuckin’ mask.

“It all started from something ridiculous I saw on the television. Even though we were in lockdown due to COVID, one local church was still functioning at 100% capacity. There was one parishioner the news interviewed who was pissed about the mask mandates and lockdowns. She said, ‘I don’t need a mask. Jesus is my respirator.’ To me, this was pretty much the perfect example of science versus religion. I thought that this is no longer a religion that loves thy neighbor; this has changed into a death cult. I was so appalled that I knew I had to write a song about it and try to formulate the catchiest chorus I could create.”

Listen to “Jesus Is My Respirator”

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