Track Premiere: Insect Ark – “Anopsian Volta”

pic: Anther Dens

Dana Schechter has been making compellingly experimental music—sometimes solo, sometimes as part of a duo—under the Insect Ark moniker for a decade now. That music has sometimes sounded like a particularly outré vision of doom metal, but the upcoming Future Fossils EP finds Schechter highlighting other sides of her musical self. A collection of outtakes, excerpts and live improv tracks recorded between 2016 and 2018, the release helps showcase the broad swath of sounds Schechter has at her command.

A first single, “Oral Thrush,” dropped last month, and today, Decibel is premiering “Anopsian Volta.” It’s a patient dialogue between gorgeous piano and buzzing, unsettling synth, a world away from any notion of metal. Read a statement from Schechter about the song and listen to it below.

“Perhaps the least ‘heavy’ song I’ve written for Insect Ark, there’s something visual and delicate about the balance of piano and synths, and the push / pull of the composition. ‘Anopsian Volta’ plays with distortions of time and space both harmonically and temporally. It has a strangely familiar feel, as if it referenced a bygone era that actually never existed, of Victorian grand boulevards on an unknown planet in a parallel universe. ‘Anopsian Volta’ was written and recorded at my home studio in Brooklyn in 2019.”

Pre-order the Future Fossils EP via Consouling Sounds here.