Blast Worship: Ranker

Where they from?
Los Angeles, California. The NFL Kickoff is this Thursday, so it’s time for some BOLD PREDICTIONS:

BOLD PREDICTION #1: The L.A. Rams will NOT make the playoffs, but the L.A. Chargers WILL.

BOLD PREDICTION #2: The Cleveland Browns will make their first ever Super Bowl appearance and lose to the Green Bay Packers.

BOLD PREDICTION #3: I will spend exactly 18 more hours in December creating my year-end top 10 playlist of Midwest goregrind albums than I will hanging out with my girlfriend.

Why the hype?
Man, it’s [Aaron Lewis voice] been a while since I’ve come across a demo that has kicked this much ass. Ranker really personifies the sort of intentional ignorance that a lot off the east coast bands fail to capture, finding that perfect little niche of belligerent aggression and stupidity. There’s definitely a certain intensity that bands from California tend to bring. I guess all the good weather just makes you lose your mind eventually?

Latest Release?
Demo, self-released. The three songs on this demo have me really excited for a full-length if that’s what the band so chooses. Or they can just continue putting out EP/split length releases like a lot of grind/PV bands tend to. Either way, I’m just glad this music exists. Also, super bonus points for calling one of the songs “Rocker Foo,” one of the best memes of the West Coast powerviolence scene.