Video Premiere: The Blood of Christ — “Moonshroud… The Crescent Glow”

The killer early 1990’s demos of The Blood of Christ are being — yes, wait for it — resurrected.

It’s true: The Canadian death metallers’ Frozen Dreams (1994) and The Lonely Flowers Of Autumn (1995) — as overlooked as they are dynamic and brutal; and remastered by Dan Swano (Incantation, Jungle Rot, Asphyx) — is about to hit limited edition cassette and CD. Get your copy here or check out the official Bandcamp.

“‘Moonshroud…the Crescent Glow’ was one of the first two songs written for the The Lonely Flowers of Autumn demo back in early 1995,” vocalist Jason Deaville tells Decibel. “It was almost exclusively our opening song in live performances back then. ‘Moonshroud’ represents the more extreme side of our songwriting both musically and with vocal delivery and is my personal favourite Blood of Christ song. We chose this song to release as a video single because the original had a rough mix where you could barely hear the riffs and we felt that the remixed/remastered version gave a more clear and defined spread to the instruments: allowing the listener to really hear how sick this tune is.”