Video Premiere: Cognizance – “Aeon Sickness”

This one goes out to the tech-death maniacs in the crowd.

The UK’s Cognizance has prepared a new album for your enjoyment, entitled Upheaval. And Decibel, meanwhile, has the band’s new video for “Aeon Sickness” ready for you to blast below. According to the band:

“”Aeon Sickness” is one of the tracks we’re most proud of from Upheaval and it came together really organically. It grooves hard, has brutal vocal hooks, colorful harmonies and plenty of Dethklok worship. Lyrically speaking, this song is about being consumed by inner thoughts that begin to distort reality.”

For my part, the Dethklok worship is somewhat lost on me, though I hear plenty of Necrophagist worship for sure! Indeed, the song contains the thunder storm of riffs and sweeps one expects from the style, but chops up the clouds with plenty of crushing grooves to keep things interesting. If this style is your thing, you’ll be down with this. If it’s not exactly your thing, it contains enough variation and quality writing to make it worth a chance.

Upheaval comes out on September 24 via Prosthetic Records.