Full EP Stream: Bat Magic – “Feast Of Blood”

Over the last few years, the land of raw black metal has delivered its devotees an impressive harvest of quality music. It seems like every week brings a new underground circle, ready to convene and unleash another legion of melancholy riffs, tortured screams, grandiose synths, and probably lots of lyrics about drinking blood. Now, normally this would set off alarm bells with me. Any style can become over-saturated to the point where a once-welcome niche becomes a burden on the tired listener. I must admit, however, that my critical faculties collapse in the face of this stuff. Bring it on. More riffs, more intentionally bad production, MORE BLOOD!

Speaking of blood.

Yet another circle, by the name of Ordo Vampyr Orientis, has emerged with an act called Bat Magic new EP called Feast Of Blood. The four-song release, the stream of which includes the entire feast in one track, comes out on July 30 via Sore Ear Collective. As is now custom in this realm, the physical release will be limited to 50 cassettes.

If you’re a fan of what bands like Lamp of Murmuur, Despondent Moon, Thy Dying Light and others have been doing, you’ll love this. The guitar tones are right where they need to be, the vocals provide the perfect narrative center, and the songs are gifted with excellent writing and construction. The Circle’s representatives on this release include:

Vespertine Screech – Echolocatory Incantations (Vocals)
The Haunted Strigoi of Night – 6-Garroted Hell-Axe (Guitars)
The Ghastly Vrykolak – Possessed Cithern (Guitars)
He Who Drinks the Blood of Sleeping Babies – Ivory Merchant and Dealer (Keys)
The Mighty Winged Necromancer – Cave Rumblings (Bass)
The Impaler – Twin Stakes (Drums)

Yes, the names are over the top. Yes, I thought this was the track listing when I first read them. Yes, I also think this is really cool.

Personally the ending portion was the highlight for me, the combination of synths and the hard rock-style solo — almost like if Unanimated went in a raw black metal direction. Finally, perk your ears up for the guitar solo appearance from Andrew Lee from the fantastic Ripped to Shreds about halfway through. A glorious feast from a circle worth watching.