Track Premiere: Pray U Prey – “Living Library”

Let get this out of the way: Prophecy of Doom fucking ruled. If you’re not hip to the Gloucestershire grinders who released a pair of largely unsung classics — Acknowledge the Confusion Master and Matrix — in early ’90s, please familiarize yourself via this performance/interview segment from the legendary Hard ‘N’ Heavy Grindcore Special immediately. OK, get it now? Good, because the core duo of vocalist Shrew and bassist Shrub are back at it with the crust punk/death metal awesomeness of Pray U Prey.

The follow up to the band’s 2017 debut, Figure the 8, is set for release via the ever-reliable Selfmadegod label on August 6. But you don’t have to wait that long to hear a brand new brain-basher from sophomore slugger The Omega Kill, because Decibel has the premiere of the visualizer for “Living Library,” along with some insightful context about the track from the legendary Shrew.

“As adults, most suffer from deep unconscious/unacknowledged trauma that first takes root in childhood,” he says. “Via education/societal tradition/ignorance, this forced unwanted conditioning and unbalanced development in regards to our thoughts and feelings continues as we get older, and is manipulated by others in power for political/legal ends, by definition we are slaves asleep, negating our own potential creative expression, thus further perpetuating and expanding the gap between inner suffering (life entrapment) and the potential true life freedom of thought/feeling/action in a conscious way that actually create the change we seek externally by integration within ourselves. This gap can and does close when we acknowledge the confusion master within us all, our own original ‘heart mind’ and finally end this total mind war not of our making…”

Selfmadegod releases on The Omega Kill on August 6.