Album Premiere: Lykhaeon – Opprobrium

Nevermind that you’ve never heard Swiss black metal duo Lykhaeon. According to the press release for Opprobrium, the album you’ll find streaming below presently, “is the first – and thus far only – release that sounds how Lykhaeon should sound.” 

Written and performed by bassist/vocalist Kerberos and guitarist/vocalist Meister T., Opprobrium violently portrays the abductions of Persephone by Hades. With atmospheric and crushing black metal that draws power from doom and death, Lykhaeon present this Greek myth with ire and blood anew. With these seven tracks, encompassing ritual and destruction alike,  Lykhaeon stamp their mark on the face of black metal history. 

Opprobrium is a milestone for us, and one we are quite pleased with. It is certainly the first and thus far only record that sounds how we have envisioned Lykhaeon to sound since the project’s inception in 2014. Further, on this record we managed to achieve several new artistic and conceptual goals, musically as well as lyrically, and we feel the results speak for themselves.”



Preorder Opprobrium from Repose Records.