Video Premiere: Aduanten – ‘The Corpses of Summer’

Dark death metal collective Aduanten—a nebulous entity based around brothers Eoghan and Ciaran McCloskey (Vex), plus Vex guitarist Mike Day—assembled a remarkable lineup for their first EP, Sullen Cadence. Welcoming co-vocalists Tanner Anderson (Obsequiae) and Damian Herring (Horrendous), plus synth/percussionist Adrian Benavides and bassist Joel Miller, Aduanten created a dark and textured take on experimental death metal.

The EP is out now and can be heard here, but Decibel has partnered with the band to unveil a new visualizer for third track “The Corpses of Summer.” The visuals used, as the band explain below, add to the darker side of the music.

“We are pleased to present the video for ‘Corpses of Summer,’ created by our graphic designer / synth player / additional percussionist / assistant engineer / jack of all trades Adrian Benavides,” Aduanten tell Decibel.

“The video utilizes morbid imagery and recontextualized horror movie archetypes to paint a bleak picture of the human toil that results from catastrophic disasters, both natural and human-made. The goal of this visual treatment is to advance the doomy, foreboding vibe of the song and the lyrical references to traumatic historical events such as the 1900 Galveston hurricane and the 1998 Omagh bombing in Northern Ireland.

“Lastly, as a point of clarification, the lyrics to this song were written in 2017-2018, and are in no way intended to reference or make light of the recent death toll due to the historic heat wave hitting the northwest of North America.”

Listen to “The Corpses of Summer” below. Sullen Cadences is out now.