Video Premiere: Persekutor’s “Chained To the Tundra”

Photo: Brandon Pierce

COVID-19 didn’t slow down the Romanian metal institution Persekutor; if anything it made Vlad and his cohorts especially prolific. Their debut Permanent Winter dropped last September from Svart Records and Decibel is happy to premiere the video for “Chained To The Tundra” to kick off your frigid summer.

The video was created by TV/VCR, who also shot Persekutor’s “Black Death Punk Skins.” The new video features a buffet of PG-13 content: metal, cheap beer, chains, tawdry games played with cigarette smoke, a few possible Suicide Girl extras, and more. Witness ‘Chained’ in all of its hedonistic glory below.

“For previous video we are shooting in 115 degree in Joshua Tree desert,” Vlad said from a hidden bunker somewhere in the Sierra Nevadas. “For ‘Chained’ video we are shooting snow scenes in 15 degree in mountains. So 100-degree difference between videos and everyone is wanting to murder me in sleep. Lucky for we, hot tub scenes is done in beautiful 75 degree in glorious Burbank, California!”

“We are quite fortunate to have many supporter all over globe, and some of them are lookings real good in bikini,” Vlad says. “Many thankings to all these ladies who donate their time, talent and beauty to Persekutor!”