Track Premiere: Putrascension Aren’t Just Killing Time with “The Ancient Spirit”

About a year-and-a-half ago, we introduced you to “Joe Peschi’s favourite black metal band,” New Jersey’s Putrascension (check out our original feature here). Featuring current and ex-members of Tombs, Abacinate, Replicant, Hammer Fight, WolfCloak and more, the quintet, like everyone else, has been grounded and in a holding pattern since March of 2020, shortly following the release of their The Obsidian Fog EP. As such, and also like most everyone else, they’ve taken a year of being unable to play live to catch up on some writing and recording. The result of this disease-directed focus is the band’s debut full-length. 

Today, we present a preview of the album’s title track, “The Ancient Spirit” for all your harsh and windswept, yet melodic and urbanised, black metal yearnings. As vocalist Mike Gonçalves reports, the band has dipped into its early years — 2019 seemed like a fucking eon ago! – for this track which happens to be one of the first they wrote together. About the song itself, he says, “It combines sonic elements from all of our influences. The lyrics tell a story about a pervasive primordial force that inhabits old sites of veneration and bears unattainable, otherworldly wisdom.”

They also recently got their groove on and did this, which we can’t help but endorse:

The album is set for a late summer/early fall release, assuming there’s still a planet, let alone a country, to bother releasing it on. Either way, we imagine the band is hoping Joe Pesci digs it and this track as much as they dig Joe Pesci.