Track Premiere: Our Place Of Worship Is Silence — “Disavowed, and Left Hopeless”

Photo: Richard Torres

In search of a bit of straight outta the abyss cacophony?

Look no further than the dark and mesmerizing of Our Place Of Worship Is Silence, whose third full-length Disavowed, and Left Hopeless — preorder here — offers up a top shelf collection soot-encased metalscapes that bridge the most sinister elements of black and death metal.

The record drops August 27 via Translation Loss but we’ve got an exclusive stream of the title track below…

“’Disavowed, and Left Hopeless’ encompasses the soul of this album,” drummer/vocalist Tim tells Decibel. “Musically, it is contemplative while focusing on our signature relentlessness. Lyrically, it is very attacking in nature, which is standard for us. Nothing can be shielded against these exhales of confrontational rage. The writhing agony of this song may exacerbate those feelings of confusion and bleakness, or leave you feeling right where you should be.”