Sunrot and Ides Release Politically Charged (and Black Flag Influenced) Split

New Jersey’s Sunrot have been gradually building a name for themselves in the past few years as one of the east coast’s most pummeling hate sludge factories. Fronted by the magnetic Lex Santiago, Sunrot churn out misanthropic sludge on par with genre forbearers Eyehategod albeit with a more sociopolitical/philosophical twist than their NOLA-based brethren.

They have teamed up with the equally compelling Ides for a split that serves as nothing less than a radical incitement to smash the current police state of this country. Both bands excel in their own best way, with Sunrot laying on the belligerent molasses and Ides bringing their own dark brand of punk snark. The kicker here is that each band does their own version of a Black Flag classic to round out the proceedings. Just as soon as you recover from the devastation of Sunrot’s version of “Fix Me” you get absolutely sabotaged by Ides taking on the absolute ass-beater “Black Coffee.” Keep calm and carry on (smashing the state).