Video Premiere: Destroyed in Seconds – “Disarm”

pic: Paul Lee

Last April, the thrashy L.A. hardcore crew Destroyed in Seconds (D.I.S.) unleashed their furious third album, Divide and Devour, on digital and cassette formats. Now, with an entire goddamn global pandemic having transpired since that initial street date, the band is preparing to release the long-awaited vinyl edition. It drops May 21 on Deep Six Records.

Divide and Devour is a stridently political record, taking aim at authoritarianism, fringe far-right groups, and the fascist police state. The year that’s just passed has only made the songs on the album hit harder. One of the most powerful tracks, “Disarm,” now has a killer new lyric video, which we are premiering here today. “Disarm” is a hand grenade lobbed at blind American patriotism, a kind of photo negative of that one Toby Keith song.

“With the long awaited Deep Six Records release of Divide and Devour on vinyl just a couple weeks away, we’re really excited to be dropping this lyric video for ‘Disarm,’” says Destroyed in Seconds frontman Jon Tomala. “The physical release for this album has been a long time coming, and we’re super stoked to have this new video for one of our favorite songs off the record! ‘Disarm’ was written as a direct message to the flag-worshipping, bootlickers and trigger-happy asshole military types. The constant idolization of expendable idiots is a plague. Worshipping imperialism must be one of the silliest things anyone can witness. It’s only getting worse and more ridiculous, so we’ll just keep shining a light on it. This is one of my personal favorites off the album, and it feels amazing to know that the album and all the fury we put into it will finally reach wider audiences!”

Pre-order the vinyl edition of Divide and Devour here.