For Those About Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Artillery, Cvlt of the Svn and Charlie Benante

What’s up, guys? It’s your old boy Waldo here to spout off about some upcoming releases here. So, stay tuned, see what the fellas get into… you might just learn something…

Wow, it’s really not too fair for me to review this. Denmark’s original thrash band, Artillery, are back with their 10th, aptly titled X (you know, for, like, the number 10.) So why is it unfair for me to review this? Although I love their earlier releases, I’m super hesitant going into this — a 40-year career doesn’t necessarily ensure a good record. A couple years ago, Artillery lost a member, and well it shows here. Although this hits all of the notes that they’ve been known for (riffs, thrash, and melody) this just kinda leaves me flat. It’s not a bad record, but it’s not stellar either. I mean how are you going to call your first single Turn Up the Rage and come across with absolutely ZERO teeth. Vocalist Michael Bastholm Dahl sounds just as good as ever and the production here is very well done, lending to the overall sound. But, if all of this is true, then why do I not seem to like it? The whole package here, comes across as a band trying to reclaim their former glories. The songwriting, although solid, just seems a little wimpy and not tough at all. Again, this isn’t bad, but it’ll certainly not light the world on fire. Fans of the band certainly will not hate this, but new fans should really check out the classic By Inheritance. 6 Fucking Pecks.

Ok, I’ve given a certain label a bit of a reprieve lately, and well… this one is not so good. Cvlt of the Svn is releasing We Are The Dragon on, you guessed it Napalm. I’m, uh, REALLY not sure what to make of this (except I KNOW I’m not digging it.) This is black metal? I mean, bro dog is wearing robes and corpse paint, but this doesn’t seem like black metal to me. This being a little more on the goth-y side doesn’t bother me, it’s the danceable “pop” music element that really gets my feathers in a bunch. I mean what the peck is that? “Spooky” vocals, and throwaway riffs abound here. Although the video has snakes and boobs, so that’s kind of cool. Not my scene. 3 Fucking Pecks.

Ok, since I’m on a pretty negative trip here… and, quarantine band releases were BOUND to start happening. Here’s a quick review of Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante’s Silver Linings coming out on Megaforce. Although Charlie is one of my FAVORITE metal drummers of all times, this should really be a digital only release. These songs, featuring Charlie and his friends, are covers. Ranging from Iron Maiden, to Run DMC, to Billie Eilish. I’m going to give this a couple more pecks, because I assume that this is a “fun” release. The players here are great, super talented names that come from all walks of life, but the real question is… why is this being released? I mean without the accompanying videos of these people covering these songs, they come across as a little goofy and don’t really translate. 4 Fucking Pecks.

In general, I feel I’ve been more positive, but this go ‘round, not so much. Until next time, Waldo out!