Metal Blade Records Announces ‘Metal Massacre XV’ Compilation Curated by Decibel’s Albert Mudrian. LP Pre-Order Available!

In 1982, Metal Blade Records unveiled its first release: Metal Massacre, a compilation album that included Metallica, Cirith Ungol and many other influential artists. Now, Metal Blade will release Metal Massacre XV on May 21 and—continuing the legacy of the first album—the collection will once again contain a sampling of contemporary heavy metal, this time curated by Decibel magazine’s editor-in-chief Albert Mudrian.

“It was an extreme honor to be called upon to help curate an installment of the truly transformative Metal Massacre series,” says Mudrian. “Rather than concentrate on one particular era or style, I dutifully attempted to bring the best sub-genres metal has produced over the past 40 years into a cohesive portrait of what today’s underground metal scene faithfully represents. May it, Metal Blade Records and Metal Massacre forever reign.”

Metal Massacre XV track-listing
1. Midnight “Masked and Deadly” (Metal Massacre XV exclusive!)
2. Poison Ruïn “Demon Wind”
3. Fuming Mouth “Master of Extremity”
4. Many Suffer “The Trees Die Standing” (Metal Massacre XV exclusive!)
5. Temple of Void “Leave the Light Behind”
6. Ripped to Shreds “撿骨 (Bone Ritual)” (Metal Massacre XV exclusive!)
7. Rude “Omega”
8. Midnight Dice “Starblind”
9. Smoulder “Warrior Witch of Hel”
10. Mother of Graves “In Somber Dreams”
Pre-order the 180g black vinyl from Decibel here and pre-order its other variants direct from Metal Blade here.