Video Premiere: Kosmodemonic – “Moirai”

Kosmodemonic comes to us from Brooklyn with their latest jam, “Moirai,” a testament to black metal and doom alchemy. The band professes devotion to bands like Craft, Triptykon, YOB and Voivod, and that certainly becomes clear when listening to the song. It’s a meaty slab of heavy riffs and crushing rhythms for sure, all with a blackened sheen on top.

Also, call me crazy, but the vocals of (erstwhile Decibel contributor) David Bozzler have a distinct Tad Doyle/King Buzzo vibe to them as well. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a copy of Eight-Way Santa or Houdini tucked away in the band’s collective consciousness. However, let’s hear what the band had to say about the song itself:

“We chose “Moirai” as the tune to feature because it was one of the first songs written that demonstrates the new sonic territory we started exploring for this record. “Moirai” shows how we expanded our black-metal sensibilities into a broader scope focusing more on tight rhythmic attacks and punchier, streamlined songwriting. The drum and bass interplay on this tune is sick, there’s amazing drum fills, and the vocal performance shows a more textured and dynamic attack.”

Liminal Light comes out on May 7 via Transylvanian Recordings, and you can find pre-order information here.