Track Premiere: Steel Bearing Hand – “‘Til Death and Beyond”

This is thrash metal at its absolute best in 2021.

Steel Bearing Hand‘s death-laden razor blade cuts through all pretenders with irresistible riffing power! The band released it’s debut self-titled album back in 2015 and is back to slay in hell on its latest offering. It’s with fist-pumping joy that Decibel comes to you with a new track, “‘Til Death and Beyond.”

The song has everything you’d want in a thrash masterwork: catchy riffs, a mid-tempo mosh bridge, dive bombs, the works! Through their combination of Deceased, Sodom, and a touch of street punk, the band has crafted the true soundtrack to your next toxic waltz.

According to the band:

‘‘Til Death and Beyond’ is an anthem dedicated to a fanatical sect of zealots whose faith has been desecrated by an onslaught of sacrilegious interlopers. The maddening and intolerable blasphemy has disrupted the sanctity of their holy places and relics, requiring a reconsecration and an apocalyptic reckoning with the heretical transgressors.”

Steel Bearing Hand’s album, Slay In Hell comes out on April 2 via Carbonized Records and Cimmerian Strength Productions.