Album Premiere: Amammoth – ‘The Fire Above’

Amammoth Band Photo

Australian doom trio Amammoth write riffs heavier than a prehistoric beast on edibles. The first song on their 2016 demo was titled “Inhale,” and the band has been exhaling gargantuan stoner sludge ever since. Now Amammoth are ready to unveil their debut LP, The Fire Above. Fans of Ufomammut, Conan, and Dopethrone will get a contact high from this strain of heaviness. Decibel Magazine is psyched to share an exclusive stream of The Fire Above before the March 19th release. Electric Valley Records will have the album available on vinyl, CD, and digital

“We need more understanding of human nature, because the only real danger that exists is man himself.” Consider opening track “Heal” one of those dangers, because it lunges and crushes. Before you can growl the “I wanna” in marijuana, “The Sun” rises to submerge the listener in distortion. Despite the album’s propensity for lumbering drone, there’s still a sedated groove throughout. That’s largely courtesy of drummer Scott Wilson, who compliments Scott Fisher’s burly riffs with an agile spark. “Blade Runner” is basically the essence of doom gnarled by years of sonic abuse. You could test if someone is a replicant by playing that and seeing if they headbang. If not, they ain’t your friend. They end with a song subtitled “Blood Bong,” where Luis Lipovac’s bass adds extra bounce to the bashing. Amammoth invites some surprising clean supporting vocals before the sun sets on the record, leaving us doomlords smiling.

Blaze up and take a toke of Amammoth by pressing play below.

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