Listen: Krallice Continue to Evolve on “Demonic Wealth”

Avant-garde black metal act Krallice have become known as one of the genre’s most forward-thinking bands, and with good reason. Recording 10 full-lengths since 2008, their musical output is varied and challenging, leaving a trail of influence and a singular discography in their wake.

Krallice’s latest effort, Demonic Wealth, is another new direction in their discography. Invoking a cold and spacious sense of atmosphere without compromising crushing heaviness, Demonic Wealth is an album that reflects the current times: recorded in isolation and meant to be heard in isolation. Musically, the compositions feel less mindbogglingly technical; keyboards often take center stage on the album. Because of this and the less razor-focused song structures, listening to Demonic Wealth from front to back feels like a cinematic experience.

The album notes on Bandcamp note that drummer Lev Weinstein recorded the drums on a phone and that Mick Barr—performing only vocals on Demonic Wealth—recorded his parts “in a car by the swamp.” Despite this, the record doesn’t sound like it was recorded badly or on low-quality equipment. Demonic Wealth is packed to the brim with the expected insanity and turns, but it’s a new entry in the band’s canon.

The album is out now and available to stream via Bandcamp, with physical copies available here.