Video Premiere: Purity – “Serpentine”

Artwork by: Plague

Purity is an apt name for a band that serves as the purest distillation of nu metal’s heyday. Well, the aggressive side, that is. (They are named after a Slipknot song, after all). In a world where every nu metalcore band simply replaced power chords with single note riffs, Purity dug deeper. The Las Vegas collective even added a master of noises to sample, and electronics and DJ.

The turntables appear throughout the video for “Serpentine,” the second single from upcoming EP Animus. Keeping in-line with the best case scenario, they use the additions subtly and tastefully. Mononymously monikered frontman Worm explains the addition as a logical extension of their love of industrial, ’90s club music and more. He and guitarist Jett Stotts decided it was the best way to incorporate those influences without a massive sample pad and backtracks.

It’s both practical and more. It spices up the stompy grooves, but also engendered the closing industrial outro. The whole song is a pissed off attack, complete with panicked breakdown, and the music matches that energy.

Worm puts it bluntly:

“‘Serpentine’ is easily the most venomous Purity has ever been, which makes it a fair representation of Animus. It’s the angriest music we’ve ever made, all piss and vinegar, which is a fair bit different than our last EP. ‘Serpentine’ in particular came about from having seen so many people do nasty shit to one another, being stung by people we thought we could trust, and seeing people play social games to gain success, validation or ‘clout’—whatever you wanna call it. This is a testament to just keeping true and pure to who we are and not tolerating anything less from anyone. We wrote it for everyone who can identify with that mindset. It’s like we’ve always said: it’s for the freaks, fuck the fakes.”

Get your freak on with the Errick Easterday-directed video below.

Pre-order the Animus EP digitally and merch on Bandcamp. Cassettes are forthcoming. The EP drops March 19.