EP Premiere: Vøidwomb – Altars of Cosmic Devotion

Vøidwomb, a new quintet from Portugal, are here to absolutely crush your preconceived notions about what the black/death subgenre has to offer. Their debut EP, Altars of Cosmic Devotion, features four monolithic tracks (plus an intro) of poised and calculated black/death in praise of antediluvian spirits and long-forgotten apocalyptic deities. Like some monument to extinction raised by a record-breaking earthquake, Vøidwomb have arrived. 

According to the band themselves, Altars of Cosmic Devotion “is the result of our commitment with our musical taste and the commitment with the band itself. Each song emanates the vibrating energy of each one of us. Vibe[s] that could be heard and be felt if you pay attention to both guitars while the drums deliver extreme impetuosity. Influences can be noticed along the release, but we think that something of Vøidwomb[‘s] own identity was achieved.”

We’re inclined to agree. Altars of Cosmic Devotion comes out Friday on Iron Bonehead. Don’t miss it.

Altars of Cosmic Devotion