Blast Worship: Middle Days of Humanity

Where they from?
Fortaleza, Brazil. I was a big fan of the Adult Swim live-action show Children’s Hospital, and one of the re-occurring jokes was that the characters made references that the hospital they worked at was in Brazil despite the fact that they literally made no attempt to conceal the fact that the show was filmed in Los Angeles. For an episode in Season 3 they actually flew down two of the actors so they could film a 30-second scene in Brazil just to sort of put an actual bowtie on the gag with no explanation whatsoever. What a great show.

Why the hype?
OK, we have Last Days of Humanity, and then over the last two years or so emerged First Days of Humanity, a prolific cybergrind caveman band who quickly became darlings of this article series and now we have… Middle Days of Humanity?! I mean, where do we go from here: Weekdays of Humanity? Days of Humanity Future Past? Holidays of Humanity?

Part of me is really glad that LDOHH is getting it’s own micro-movement of bands that worship at their alter, and Middle Days of Humanity happens to be a rather excellent example of that while adding a touch of, dare I say, uniqueness to the formula of unlistenable hypergore blast beat mayhem. Yes, indeed unlike LDOH, the Middle Days have some honest-to-God RIFFS. “Holy Inquisition” has several moments where as a listener I said, “Wow, that’s a guitar I hear, and it is definitely playing things,” while at the same time the snare drum sounded an old anchovy tin got caught in a hyperactive clothes dryer. It’s as if there’s a method to this madness.

Latest album?
Holy Inquisition. This album got me thinking about what a truly brutal period the medieval times were for everyone. I honestly find it really depressing, and not just the usual stuff like religious persecution, torture and disease, but like, what if you met someone at a tavern and really hit it off and then you never saw them again? You couldn’t find them on Instagram, nope, you were just fucked. You just met your perfect soulmate, forgot to follow up with them and now boom, you’re suspended from the ceiling for two hours because you said you’re not sure about all this God stuff. Tough sledding.