Demo:listen: Umbral Twilight

Umbral Twilight first appeared two weeks ago, teasing only the eponymous track from their forthcoming opening demo, Bleeding Alchemic Talisman. A single track yet much could be gleaned, most of all the promise of a killer demo from a duo who understood how to call up real black metal spirits. 

Counting drummer, Bloodthirsty Heretic, and Reaper of War, who’s responsible for “[a]ll other instruments, vocals, production, logo & cover art,” Umbral Twilight are a hermetically sealed and self-sustaining duo. Listening to BAT, one gets the feeling the duo went too far, uttered the words with too much feeling when the moon was too full and the night too ripe. 

It’s Reaper of War who tells us that “all recordings [for Bleeding Alchemic Talisman] were done in isolation during the months of August – October MMXX. The drums were tracked by BH, in a single take, in our rehearsal space.”

They go on to describe the process, saying, “Impromptu, ritualistic style recordings during a string of insomniatic spells were the original source of riffs, which once refined, guided the main composition and direction of the songs.” Then, Reaper of War says, “bass, synths, lyrics (which will not be released), and vocals were […] completed. All vocals [were] recorded while basking in the light of the full moon.  

“The interludes, done on old ‘80s hardware, came from several dungeon synth themes and ideas I’ve been playing with during many sleepless nights,” Reaper of War adds. “I felt them necessary to add a sombre balance to the pummeling fury heard in the accompanying tracks, all the while keeping a dark, eerie atmosphere throughout.”

Reaper of War confirms that “all tracking, mixing, production [was] done by the band,” with, they say, a “final mixdown onto an ‘80s deck with complete disregard for the tape format.”

Looking ahead, Reaper of War promises: Umbral Twilight “will continue to impose our will upon the masses by way of visceral black metal maelstrom! Tracking for the second demo has already begun. The prophecy will be fulfilled!”

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