Full Album Stream: Dark Sky Burial – ‘Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit’

Legendary extreme music musician Shane Embury (if I have to list his bands for you then you are clearly in the wrong fucking place) introduced the world to his latest endeavor, the mesmerizing ambient project Dark Sky Burial, via this very website last April. At the time,  Embury promised that he had “three to four more albums’ worth of material” from DSB still in him. Well, after dropping one new song back on New Year’s Eve — the eight-minute stunner “Omisoka” — our man is already fulfilling his promise with the second DSB full length, Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit. The follow-up to last year’s incredible De Omnibus Dubitandum Es is a further exploration of sonic therapy via soundtrack-influenced dark tracks.

“The new album title roughly translates into ‘what nourishes me will destroy me'” Embury explains. “A year into this pandemic, I have channelled myself into making as much music as I can! A needed distraction but at the same time and now there’s lately an oppressive feeling that this pandemic may go on much longer than people envision. Within the hypnotic loops and fractured harmonies that reside on the new album especially with tracks like “The Vertical Labyrinth.’

“I am sensing salvation but it was always there with my family! To balance the light with the darkness is always the struggle but worth it.”

You can watch the mesmerizing video for “The Vertical Labyrinth” below, and then head over to DSB’s Bandcamp (because it’s Bandcamp Friday!) and nab yourself a copy Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit right now.