Track Premiere: Reaper – “Dogs of the Crumbled Firmament”

Something raucous and most wicked this way comes. For on March 5, Iron Bonehead will release the sophomore album from unrepentant black/speed duo Reaper. After an auspicious beginning with their debut full-length, Unholy Nordic Noise, drummer/bassist/vocalist Duca the Impaler and guitarist/vocalist Ityphallic Flaggelator are back with 12 more acts of old school Swedish black metal violence.  

According to the band themselves, Reaper “started work on […] The Atonality of Flesh pretty much in the exact moment when [their] previous [record] was, more or less, done.” The band says, “The initial plan was to let [the album in question] be some kind of EP, but it grew… and it grew fast. Before we knew it, we had enough material to cover a full-length LP and more.”

According to the band’s guitarist, The Atonality of Flesh was “produced, engineered, recorded by [Reaper’s] familiar J.M.C.” at the band’s own The Birth of War studios. “Just like before it’s me and Impaler that have handled all things creative. I did guitars, graphics, lyrics and vocals,” says Ityphallic Flaggelator. “Impaler takes responsibility for the rest.”

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the first single Reaper’s forthcoming sophomore album. According to the band, “Dogs of the Crumbled Firmament,” the opening track on the album, “deals with human nature. The impossibility of existence as we usually choose to interpret it. The short-circuit of man, the putrid mold of the mind.”

“Dogs of the Crumbled Firmament”