Track Premiere: Scepter of Eligos – “Inverted Illusion”

Since 2013, the Denver-based trio Scepter of Eligos have been working toward refining their sound, what they call “psychedelic metal of death.” After putting out a single in 2017, titled “RIP Martin Ain,” the band released a follow-up EP the next year, and then fell to work on their debut full-length.

With influences ranging from Incantation to The Black Angels, from Acid Bath to Grave, Scepter of Eligos’ debut album is full of surprises. But the biggest one is that these trio pulls it all off. Whether it’s groove-laden death metal or swirling sludge-delia, Inverted Illusions offers a mind-expanding balance of challenging and rewarding material.  


“We wanted this collection of songs to represent all the various influences as well as our own individual style which we feel that we are developing,” the band writes. “This album is a cohesive repres

“Inverted Illusion”

Get Inverted Illusions January 29.