Track Premiere: Sepulcros – “Magno Caos”

Sepulcros are a brand-new band from the Portugal underground and they arrive bringing with them a death-doom album of megalithic proportions. Combining misery and monstrosity with crushing volumes and dread-ridden atmospheres, the quintet’s debut album, Vazio (Portugese for ‘empty’) comes out March 12 from Transcending Obscurity.

“We delved into our personal void, dwelled in the horrors of the beyond and came back with a story to tell and a soundscape to match,” writes Sepulcros, regarding Vazio. “The theme was always centered in what was almost a funeral procession for the old self to give way to the new, and the best way to translate this into sound was to bridge the bleakest of funeral doom with cavernous death metal and a cold black metal atmosphere, and we focused on the influential work of the Finnish bands like Thergothon, Skepticism or Demilich to do so. The lyrics in Portuguese gave a deeper, more poetic meaning to the whole journey and for that we drew inspiration from the great Portuguese wordsmiths and writers of cosmic horror alike.”


Today we have the pleasure of offering our readers another preview of Sepulcros’ forthcoming debut album. Mighty yet crestfallen, like a colossus screaming from the depths of the void, this is . . .

“Magno Caos”


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