Track Premiere: Belushi Speed Ball — “Captain Planet Can’t Stop Us”

Write what you know, the wise ones say, and brash n’ ebullient Louisville, Kentucky crossover thrashers Belushi Speed Ball certainly take that adage to heart with the lead off track from the “double EP” Stella 1 and Stella 2, “Captain Planet Can’t Stop Us.”

“‘Captain Planet’ is about us almost getting banned from Headliners Music Hall,” guitarist/vocalist Vinny tells Decibel, “for having a guy dressed up as Captain Planet trashing the venue.”

If the band goes the straightforward route out the gate lyrically, however, the musical journey is a blazed path of twisty, surprising, catchy, ultra-tight pulse-quickening jams that are as charged with adrenaline as they are imbued with irreverence. (See, for example, “We Aren’t Thrashers, We Are Hipster Posers” and “Shut the Snarf Up Mortal.”)

Anyway, the Chase Bensing recorded/mixed and Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) mastered Stella 1 and Stella 2 isn’t out until January 21 via sonaBlast! Records, but if you want to fuel your (home) venue trashing fire right fucking now click on the exclusive “Captain Planet” below. And for more sonic speed balls, hit up Bandcamp.