Track Premiere: Devotion (ES) – “Virtue Besmirched”

Today the Valencia, Spain-based death metal quintet Devotion reveal the last song on their forthcoming second album—a total power move that speaks to both the consistency and the quality of the album it represents.

Titled The Harrowing, Devotion’s sophomore album calls forth 13 tracks of mid-paced death metal primordial and absolutely seismic. The follow-up to their 2016 debut album, the group’s new album will see the wretched light of day thanks to Memento Mori. Powerful and poised and emanating a potent atmosphere of smoke and rot, The Harrowing simply cannot be missed. Although it’s not out for another two weeks, we’re psyched to stoke the fires of your anticipation with “Virtue Besmirched.”

According to the band, “‘Virtue Besmirched’ was one of the latest tracks [Devotion] wrote” for The Harrowing. They continue, “There are parts we created at [the band’s former guitarist] Julkarn’s attic, others were fished from some earlier riffs-recordings, and some were developed at our rehearsal place. The topic of the lyrics deals with an overwhelming sense of loss, of having missed opportunities, taking bad choices and ending up in ruins, and has got a poetic approach to all of it. The grand piano arrangements were created to give it a sense of ceremonial despair.”

“Virtue Besmirched”

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