Full Album Stream: Apraxic – Edge of Human

Composed of moving parts from various other brutal and inhuman endeavors such as Witch Vomit, Sempiternal Dusk and Pleasure Cross, Apraxic first arrived on the scene back in the summer of 2018, with the release of Gun-Eye Implant Demo. By manufacturing a crushing and precise sound, without sounding sterile or processed, Apraxic have spent their short career grinding everything in their path into followers or pulp. 

With the release of Edge of Human, their debut full-length, recorded by Evan Mersky at Red Lantern Studios, Apraxic announce the arrival of “the futuristic death grind bummer you haven’t been waiting for.” With highly detailed, absolutely sick cover art by Matt Sticker, Edge of Human floods the horrors of humanity’s cruel future into your living brain with an immediacy that’s going to demand multiple replays. Warns Apraxic ominously, “In the future … It pays to be more than human.”

Out now on CD from Headsplit Records, this is . . .

Edge of Human

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