Video Premiere: Claustrofobia – “Riff Cult”

Building a cult os one of those things that’s easy in theory but tough in practice.

Or it is, anyway, if you’re not Claustrofobia — a Brazilian death metal-tinged trad-thrash ultra-power trio that will have you head banging your way into the fold via the new Caio D`Angelo-helmed video for the soul-stirring, killer anthem “Riff Cult,” premiering exclusively below.

“The song is a celebration and homage to guitar riffs,” vocalist Marcus D`Angelo, who has been honing Claustrofobia’s synthesis since 1993, tells Decibel. “We consider it a culture, a cult. It is the hook of all metal, everything is born from the guitar riff. And riff by riff, we are fueling our passion for metal, fueling our desire to continue the legacy. The riff is what addicts us in a good way. In this quarantine the love for metal became more evident, without shows and without contact with the fans, so we decided to pay tribute and celebrate.

“We recorded everything in the garage at Swamp Loco Studio in Las Vegas, where we stored our equipment and rehearsed,” he continues. “Just the three of us playing with a lot of intensity and an edition with a lot of adrenaline. We added images of the tattoo I did on my fingers with Carlos Aguilar at High Voltage studio in L.A which gave the necessary atmosphere.”