Watch: Maggot Heart – ‘Sex Breath’

Swedish rockers Maggot Heart are in the punk spirit in their latest video for “Sex Breath,” a cut from Maggot Heart’s latest album, Mercy Machine, which came out earlier this July. Powered by frontwoman Linnéa Olsson’s (ex-Grave Pleasures, ex-The Oath) power chords, guitar melodies and in-your-face vocals, “Sex Breath” is a simple and effective punk banger.

Coupled with its low-budget music video, “Sex Breath” could have been released any time in the past four decades, which lends it charm. Some things never go out of style and that’s a good thing.

“Sex Breath” is representative of both sides of Maggot Heart: the upbeat rocker side and the heavier dissonance of tracks like album opener “Second Class.” Olsson lists her influences as Voivod, Killing Joke and Patti Smith, and each of those can be heard loud and clear on Mercy Machine.

Mercy Machine is out now on Rapid Eye Records; listen to the album and watch the video for “Sex Breath” below.