Listen: Fuming Mouth Release “Beyond the Tomb” EP

Death metal unit Fuming Mouth have been active since 2013, but it was last year’s The Grand Descent that really showcased the band outside the east coast of the United States. Combining death metal with crust and hardcore, The Grand Descent—released on Triple B Recordsended up as one of the more memorable hardcore-adjacent releases in recent years.

A year and change later, following tours with the likes of Integrity and Rotting Out, and with just a few days’ notice, Fuming Mouth announced their signing to Nuclear Blast with Beyond the Tomb, a ripping three-track EP.

Beyond the Tomb is the heaviest Fuming Mouth have ever sounded, tearing through bulldozing riff after bulldozing riff. The band lean heavily into the metal side of their sound here, offering wild guitar solos, clean backing vocals and even some doom (“Road to Odessa”) alongside the death metal. There are still breakdowns and plenty of opportunities to mosh on each song, but Beyond the Tomb feels like a large sonic leap from The Grand Descent.

Head to Youtube or other streaming service to hear Beyond the Tomb in full; physical copies are available through Triple B and Nuclear Blast.