Blast Worship: Ischemic Necrosis

Where they from?
Texas, their Bandcamp profile just says ‘Texas.’ Back in 2008, a friend and I drove from Baltimore to Long Beach, CA and MapQuest took us through the very northern part of the panhandle of Texas. I just remember it being the middle of the night and I was hopped up on copious amounts of Adderall and it felt incredibly creepy. It was as if Leatherface himself was going to hop out from behind one of the highway signs for Cracker Barrel and through his chainsaw through my windshield. That’s what I think of when I think of Texas.

Why the hype?
We are definitely in a strange period right now where new music just isn’t being created at the pace we are normally accustomed to and it’s incredibly hard to feel like you know what’s going on within the scene because there are no live shows. It is within this vacuum of available artistry that I can’t help but be thankful (Thanksgiving is next week, right?) for God’s greatest gift to humanity: one-person goregrind bands.

This is the second one-person gore outfit I’ve covered in the past few weeks, and they’re both from Texas! Could it be the same person behind both projects? Who knows, but I will say that where Houston’s Pyosified specialized in bass-heavy noise-drenched grind, Ischemic Necrosis are much more about that sweet MATH CHAOS! This record really reminds me of the equally excellent Xythlia that came out earlier this year, with its inhuman drumming liquefying you from all sorts of perturbed and off-kilter angles.

Latest Release?
Cadaveric Liquefaction. After having spun this a couple of hundred times over the past few days, I do have to admit it is kind of an ingenious concept to marry the current hypergoreblast sound with the most chaotic elements of math metal. The chaos and overt absurdity of the music here is the only thing I’ve ever heard to even come close to Japan’s NOISM in terms of hilarious unlistenability. Thank god for Texas and thank god for people who have the free time to put this type of audio terrorism together.