Album Premiere: Black Mold – The Inheritance of Evil

Very little known is about the Portuguese black/thrash grouping calling themselves Black Mold. In 2018 they made their emergence into the underground known with their demo tape, Atavism, which they followed up with another demo tape, Tales of Degradation, in 2019. Both releases came out on Portugal’s premier extreme metal label, Helldprod Records. Now, once more in cooperation with Helldprod, Black Mold stand poised to release their debut full-length player, The Inheritance of Evil. Verily, this is some grimy, dark and gut-punching black/thrash.

Today we’re psyched to provide our readers with an exclusive opportunity to hear Black Mold’s The Inheritance of Evil before it’s out on Wednesday November 18 from Helldprod Records.


“Aesthetically paradoxical, The Inheritance of Evil is an endless fall in a chasm where light is perpetually consumed by the darkness of the primary beasts that feed our hatred,” warn Black Mold. “Through the depths of addictive, poisonous minds, we are wrapped into the roots of minimal soundscapes pointed towards the black horizon…”

The Inheritance of Evil

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