Full EP Stream: Humanity is Cancer – “Humanity is Cancer”

Humanity is Cancer is band name that feels increasingly more relevant every day. From wars and growing authoritarianism to climate destruction, children in cages and systemic racism running unchecked, the score isn’t looking great for the humans. Featuring guitarists Thomas Haywood (Redefining Darkness Records, Grave Plague, ex-Abigail Williams) and Michael Wilson (ex-Abigail Williams, Aborted), bassist/vocalist Noah Buchanan (Nunslaughter, From the Hellmouth) and drummer Lyle Cooper (ex-The Faceless), Humanity is Cancer are an experienced death metal unit, reflected in the EP’s modern but uncompromising sound: this is death metal made by people who fucking love death metal.

Humanity is Cancer is a band name I’ve actually had since 2001 or so when I started it as a side project with two friends when they were hella young who also happened to be in a deathgrind outfit called Severed Remains (Comatose Records),” Haywood tells Decibel. “The project didn’t last long for life reasons and I didn’t bring the name back to life until 2010 or 11, when I tried to first enlist my friend Dirk Verbeuren to join. As per usual, Dirk had a bit too much on his plate at the time, so I put it on the back burner until about 2013 when I started to put together the lineup  you see today. Drums were tracked way back in April of 2014, so to say this EP has been a long time coming is an understatement, but things happen for a reason I guess. It took COVID for us to be able to wrap everything up and ironically 2020 was the perfect time for a band with our name to reveal itself. The realizing of this release is very cathartic for me and I’m so very proud to finally share it with you all.”

Redefining Darkness will release Humanity is Cancer on Friday, November 13 but you can stream the full EP below.