Video Premiere: Sombre Arcane – “The Ancestral Seat of the Barovian Scourge”

With the release of their self-titled demo in 2018, Worcester’s dark dungeon music duo Sombre Arcane made a heavy, soot-black mark on the world of underground synth-driven ambient music. What immediately and continuously sets Sombre Arcane apart is their penchant for using acoustic and antique instruments as much as highly-informed synthesized sounds to conjure ancient feelings and cast otherworldly vistas upon the parchment of your imagination. Now the wizard split in twain Sombre Arcane return with a heady and atmospheric old school dungeon synth music video for their recent contribution to the Wrought Records Halloween compilation tape The Reliquary of Terror.

According to the duo themselves, what we’re about to witness is “Phanick and Naginah of Sombre Arcane perform a macabre ritual to summon the mists of Barovia as a means of conveyance to Castle Ravenloft.” 

“The Ancestral Seat of the Barovian Scourge”

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