Track Premiere: Perdition Sect – “Plague of Incompetence”

Perdition Sect band photo

The cursed year of 2020 continues challenging musicians to find ways to create and collaborate during a pandemic. For many it’s a painful reckoning. For others, it’s an opportunity to pursue ideas that may never have manifested. D-beat supergroup Perdition Sect was one such project spawned from plagueland restlessness. The worst of the virus was still ahead back on March 2nd. But after seeing The Obsessed play in Cleveland, Aaron Dallison (Keelhaul, Brian Tentacles, Axioma) and Matt Sorg (Ringworm, Shed the Skin) envisioned Perdition Sect’s feral fury. Along with drummer Kyle Severn (Incantation, Shed the Skin) and bassist Mike Lare (Ringworm), the members pictured Discharge blasting during a societal collapse. Seeing Red Records was kind enough to share Perdition Sect’s End Times debut with Decibel early so we could have our perfect soundtrack for a nuclear winter.

“Plague of Incompetence” is the first End Times single, and it’s a suitably ominous intro to the band’s fanged D-beat attack. Lare’s bass crawls from clean guitar notes like fog sweeping across an industrial hellscape. Once Severn’s drum roll explodes, the shrapnel could demolish anyone in the circle pit’s blast radius. Perdition Sect’s gang shouts and blistering riffs reimagine Discharge and Napalm Death’s seminal savagery creeping from Rust Belt factories. At the intersection of shamelessly heavy punk rock and metal, End Times spits venom from Dallison’s first snarl. This song is just one taste before the album’s release on December 11th, so brace your crusty ears. Perdition Sect has more in store for foaming-mouth mutants like you and me in the dark days ahead.

“Incompetence runs rampant in today’s society,” comments Perdition Sect vocalist/guitarist Aaron Dallison. “Mass quantities of people seem incapable of caring and/or executing simple tasks, and it is extremely prevalent in the people who lead us. In this regard we as a whole sit back and complacently watch it as if it is entertainment.”

Take a break from slacking off and listen to Perdition Sect’s first single below. Stretch your spine and get ready for whiplash before Seeing Red Records releases End Times on December 11th.

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