Full EP Stream: Corpse Pile – ‘Corpse Pile’ Demo

Corpse Pile is one of the hardest band names in recent memory, so it tracks that their self-imposed genre is similarly intense: “Fuck your life death metal.” You likely have a pretty good idea of the sound based on the name, but it’s cemented upon hitting play.

The snare has that brutal death metal pop, and the chugging slams would make Dying Fetus proud. Being from Maryland, that band is a bit out of reach geographically but musically sums up the main influences: NYDM, JPDM and TXDM. (Corpse Pile hail from the latter, Houston to be exact.) That scene triumvirate is a holy trinity of brutal death, but vocalist Jason Frazier gets even more specific on location.

“The only way I can describe ‘fuck your life death metal’ is death metal that straight up just makes you want to act a fool at your favorite local dive bar.”

Indeed, the subgenre has no doubt spent man a night in such beer-soaked holes in the wall. Hell, the acting a fool part of the equation may have even added a few more holes in the wall.

The two-song demo maintains that feel, as it was self-recorded in basically one-take live to keep it raw. It was mixed and mastered by Hunter Young at Florida’s The Swamp Sound.

Perhaps somewhat paradoxically given the music and titles (“Beaten Into a Seizure” and “Every Dog Gets Put Down”), the trio claim pop as the main inspiration; death metal is just the execution.

And execute it does. Jam the demo in the player below.

Order the Corpse Pile demo on cassette or digital on Bandcamp. There are also T-shirts and longsleeves.